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Money Mindset & Management

Denise Duffield-Thomas: Money Mindset Mentor
Denise Duffield-Thomas is changing businesses & lives with her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

If you’ve got ‘Money Blocks’ and need help with your money mindset then Denise Duffield-Thomas is your lady!
Kim Baird: Mindset & Inner Game
Kim Baird​ from Amazing Business​ will help you with your Mindset and Inner Game. I know it’s so crucial (but not my area of expertise) so Kim is your Go to Girl for that!  Kim helps people in live-workshops as well as her 10 Week Online Home Study Program
Shopify: eCommerce Platform
One of my favourite sayings when I speak or coaching is “make it easy to buy”. Well in order to do that you need a smooth payment gateway or ecommerce platform. You’re going to love shopify!