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Business Services

Amy Conlon:  Amy Jean Creative
Fun and funky designs, art, homewares & fashion to let your creative side show!
Denise Duffield-Thomas: Money Mindset Mentor
Denise Duffield-Thomas is changing businesses & lives with her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

If you’ve got ‘Money Blocks’ and need help with your money mindset then Denise Duffield-Thomas is your lady!
Essential Oils – for health & wellness
Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh has added essential oils to the way that she empowers women and families. Find out why and how to order here.
Ireen Palima
Ireen Palima
My goal is to help businesses of all sizes. I specialize in online marketing, email marketing and social media management. I understand the need to free up your time to work on more important projects. It’s time to get over overwhelmed and get someone reliable to improve your position in the market, making you more appealing to potential customers and also make your business more efficient.

As a virtual assistant slash digital marketing specialist, I can do: podcast show notes, create landing pages, manage community, social media schedule, create newsletters, emails, autresponders in different email service providers, set-up online course and integrations, do a little web design and more.
Johanna-May Personal Stylist (Johanna-May Manks)
Being a Personal Stylist & Mum Johanna-May understands the busy lives of most women and the importance of them wanting to look and feel as good as possible all the time. Johanna-May imports and retails stylish yet practical Women’s Activewear from Brazil. “Women these days want to and need to wear their Activewear all day long and not feel like they have just been to the gym” She also appreciates that women don’t want to be seen wearing the same item as others so she imports unique brands and small numbers to offer something almost one-off to her clients. She has an online shop and has an open day on the first Tuesday of the month.
Kamni Raju-Russell T/A B.A.B.E.
Straight up & no nonsense biz trainer. Assisting women in startups with business essentials: Bras & Undies, Bookkeeping, Office Systems, Appointment Planning & more!
Kim Baird: Mindset & Inner Game
Kim Baird​ from Amazing Business​ will help you with your Mindset and Inner Game. I know it’s so crucial (but not my area of expertise) so Kim is your Go to Girl for that!  Kim helps people in live-workshops as well as her 10 Week Online Home Study Program
Natali Brown from NatB WellBeing
Natali is a Reiki Practitioner, Transformation Coach and Mentor who works with individuals and businesses who are passionate about improving and changing their lives and work environment, helping individuals to eliminate energy blocks, to live in alignment with their true self so they can manifest the life of their dreams.

She believes that when you bring positive words, positive thinking and positive actions into your life, work and business this will have a profound impact on who you are, what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Her true purpose is to help you discover the magic in you, to peel back the layers and reveal the real you, to guide you through and help you break through your fears, heal past hurts, to help remove that which is holding you back so you can rise like a phoenix and step into your true purpose. There is nothing more empowering than to discover yourself and push through obstacles.
Pauline Stockhausen:  Facebook Strategy & Content
If you’re wanting help with Facebook social media strategy and content creation then Pauline is the best!  Pauline Stockhausen is Strategist to Global Leaders, International Speaker and Hosts the Social Media Strategy Podcast. I’ve done 1-1 coaching with her and noticed immediate results.