GoToGirl | Top 6 ways to be more mindful & less stressed in 2017
Author, Speaker & mother of three Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the 'Go to Girl' shares some of her journey from busy-ness and business and her top 6 ways to be more mindful and less stressed in 2017.
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Top 6 ways to be more mindful (and less stressed) in 2017

Top 6 ways to be more mindful (and less stressed) in 2017

I often talk about ‘juggling the motherload’ which is essentially running your own business, (while often raising a family) while not losing yourself in the process.  For me it’s definitely been a journey – of juggling 3 kids, 3 businesses, a menagerie of pets (chickens, bunny, cat and now puppy) while still keeping the love alive in my marriage and also looking after ME.  Can you relate?

So I decided that my mantra for 2017 is going to be: ‘do less, be more’.  And that literally means do less (very tricky for a star personality type idea-orientated entrepreneur) who loves to give/help/rescue… and to BE more in terms of being present more and more mindful instead of being ‘pulled in a thousand directions’ and often feeling like you’re not doing anything really well…

With that being said, here are my top 6 ways to be more mindful (and less stressed) in 2017. It’s still a journey but these are some of the things that I’m incorporating into my lifestyle. The key I believe, is to do these things with a genuine energy of wanting to do them rather than feeling like you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do them. You don’t need to do them all, just the ones that will help you to feel more present and less overwhelmed.

*Some of the links below are affiliate partnerships that help me to donate a % of earnings to causes that fulfil my goal of empowering women and families like Shine and Eat My Lunch.

De-Clutter your House

There’s definitely something to be said for clearing out the clutter so you can see and be more free. The fab Denise-Duffield Thomas has this as one of her steps in her money bootcamp program and she knows her stuff!  If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a conquer your clutter bundle that will guide you through the process.

As well as decluttering bedrooms and the lounge, here are some other places you’ll also want to give a bit of a zen makeover:

  • Medicine cabinet
  • Pantry
  • Freezer
  • Kitchen utensil
  • Linen cupboard


Use Essential Oils

This for me is a classic ‘if only they’d told me’.  One of my high-level clients (the fab biz coach & speaker Dr Martha Nessler) essential_oilsintroduced me to essential oils and I just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of them earlier!  Especially during the younger years with my kids. Fast forward a few months and I literally use them 6-7 times per day!  Yep… when I wake up I put a drop of citrus bliss in the shower, balance oil on the soles of my feet to ‘ground’ me (I should bathe in it really), a drop of lime in my fizzy water, elevation in the diffuser.. (you get the gist).  I love them because they’re natural and an amazing philosophy around supporting the growers (if you didn’t know my background is in International development and environmental education).

My daughter was 9 when I discovered essential oils and it’s actually helped us to bond… She’s not a ‘huggy’ child but because of the oils she now asks me each night “can you give me a massage with lavender oil mummy?” and my heart melts… I hadn’t massaged her since she was 9 months old

So now I’ve added them to my life and my business! If you want to learn about essential oils either for your own health, wellness, emotions etc or as an addition to your business you can visit my essential oils website here or book a complimentary 1-1 call with me here. 

Do Yoga

yoga_deckHa ha ‘do yoga’ has been on my ‘to do’ list for years (along with Pilates) but this summer I actually started going to a yoga in the park class and was given the very portable Yoga Deck by one of my clients (thanks Claire from Dom’s Kitchen).

I love it because whether I’ve got 5 minutes or 50, I can do a few poses and it helps to calm me – can you imagine?  You can check out YOGA DECK here.  There are of course a ton of apps you can get and classes you can attend so whatever method works for you to take time to do those basic (yet oh so essential) things like breathe, stretch and just be…

Sometimes just taking 15 minutes a day to ‘get outside’ and get a bit active can have a  massive impact on your mood and metabolism.  I’ve been known to block it out in my calendar for things like ’10 mins outside’ or even ‘breathe’.  If you love the idea of more accountability than just yourself (or your calendar) and love the idea of being more fit (exercise, eating & mindset too) then my friend Lauren’s Get Fit, Feel Fabulous program may be just the thing! 





Write in a Gratitude Journal

Now this is one that I seem to fluctuate with. I know that one of my biz BFF’s Natalie Tolhopf is amazing with her daily commitment to journalling.  I think it’s important to keep these things in mind:

  • Keep your gratitude journal handy so you can create a ritual (bedside or on your office desk or a special chair)gratitude_journal
  • Focus on the good. The emphasis is on gratitude and being grateful so try not to just free write about your problems and challenges but instead focus on what you appreciate and are grateful for i.e. ‘what went well’.
  • Keep it up. Even if you fall off the wagon, you can always jump back on

My friends Nicky & Bex aka the Gratitude Girls from AwesoMe Inc have an amazing collection of Gratitude Journals. Be sure to use promo code gotogirl at checkout to get free shipping!


Get Creative 



I used to sew and sing all the time, and somewhere along the lines I just got busy and stopped.  Re-connecting with (and making time to do) something creative that ‘fills your cup’ is crucial for being present, living in the moment and lowering stress.  

One thing I did last year that is now available online!!  Is my beautiful friend Angela Murray’s ‘Painting Happiness’ course. Happiness’ course. Here’s the special link to get 10% off. 



Be Where You Are

Someone once told me that ‘memories’ we can recall are usually from moments when we were really present. Either in a moment of joy or a moment of fear.  There’s been a massive shift in the past year or so towards re-appreciating being mindful and in the moment.  Hopefully, there’s a shift away from the mindset that busy-is-good and multi-tasking is effective.  It’s really not…

And I’m the queen of trying to do a zillion things at a time so for me this one is really the toughest.  I need to call myself out constantly.  This photo of my daughter holding our puppy *thanks so much to Sophie Jane Photography really captures the essence of being in the moment for me. Just look at the bliss on Ruby’s face.  She asked for a puppy  year ago and we told her she needed to raise half the money.  It took her a year…



Back in the early 2000’s when my husband and I were Outward Bound instructors we used to have this saying to really drive home to our students to be present.  It was ‘Be Here Now’.  I think it’s amazing! Here are some tips for being where you are.

  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Don’t multi-task (it’s totally over-rated)
  • Do what you want (not just what people expect/you said you would…)

Hope you’ve found these 6 tips to more mindfulness & less stress helpful. I would LOVE to hear some of your tips & techniques and of course if you’ve taken action on any of the ones I mentioned here.  Comment below and tell us all about it!

x Go to Girl



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  • Angela Murray
    Posted at 23:52h, 06 February Reply

    Fantastic blog – so many great tips for ladies who can forget to look after themselves. Obviously I am biased toward the creativity, but I have to say I love the idea of the yoga deck, and the gratitude journal looks amazing. Thank you for sharing my course – which launches on Sunday!

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