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In my journey as an entrepreneur, I keep coming across amazing resources that can also help you to make business more efficient & easier.  Below are my selection of online tools & resources that I love and whole-heartedly recommend.

These are my ‘affiliate links’ so if you’re keen to use/purchase any of them, it would be massively appreciated if you do so via my page as this means I get a small % commission which goes towards helping me to produce & publish my weekly Go to Girl Podcast.  It doesn’t cost you anymore but if you appreciate the content (blogs/podcasts etc) that I offer for free then it would be fab if you can use my links.

Cheers honey,

xo Nat Go to Girl


Send Owl is great for selling digital products and setting up affiliates so you can have other people essentially promote your product/service for you and receive a percentage as commission.  This is all part of the #winwin philosophy that I encourage!

One of my absolute favourite tools is LeadPages.

LeadPages is a credible & effective way to grow your email list and attract your ideal client to your product, service, event, webinar etc.

They have countless templates that you can use depending on your goal ie: Sales page, Opt-in, Webinar sign up, Thank you page, Launch page etc.


Natalie Sisson is ‘the Suitcase Entrepreneur’ and this is her flagship course, The Freedom Plan

 Want more freedom + money + adventure?  Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Plan is for YOU!

I’m a member of  her ‘Highflyer’ group and attended her Waiheke Business retreat so I can proudly pass on my encouragement to you to join the ‘Freedom Plan’ if you’re in the early stages of setting up your business or struggling to make it all work.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is ‘The Lucky Bitch’, changing businesses & lives with her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

If you’ve got ‘Money Blocks’ then Denise Duffield-Thomas is your lady!

Her A-mazing online course ‘Lucky Bitch Bootcamp’ will help you to bust through those beliefs barriers and embrace abundance.  The step by step will help you to release your money blocks and finally make the income you deserve!

Want to know more about Denise?  You’ll love my podcast interview with Denise where we chat about price point & self worth.


Lauren Parsons, Author & wellness coach has helped hundreds of women get fit & feel fabulous with her 12 week online program.

Want to discover how she can help you too?


This Seven Sharp interview outlines the back-story to Go-To-Girl and just how I help entrepreneurs like you.