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Health, Wellness & Fitness

Amy McAuley:  Happy 100 Club
I’ve known Amy since the early days of Go to Girl.  It’s been awesome watching her journey (and her mine I imagine).  Amy has an energy, insight and compassion to support people to do, be and have more than they ever imagined. That’s why I’m crazy excited about her ‘Happy 100 Membership’. 
Awesome Inc:  Gratitude Journals & more
There’s definitely been a movement towards journalling and mindfulness and Nicky & Bex at Awesome Inc are forging the way. With 30K+ fans on social media they’re on to something! Check out all the mindfulness goodies they have.
Essential Oils – for health & wellness
Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh has added essential oils to the way that she empowers women and families. Find out why and how to order here.
Lauren Parsons: Get Fit Feel Fabulous
Lauren Parsons, Author & wellness coach has helped hundreds of women get fit feel fabulous with her 12 week online program.
Want to discover how she can help you too?
Rock-it Boards NZ
Rock-it Boards NZ
I used to get into bed most nights and think to myself…. “Darn I forgot to do my planking…”  because it was a ‘chore’ and something I knew I ‘should’ do.  Well ever since I discovered the Rock-it board, doing short bursts of exercise during the day has become not just easy but actually fun!