essential oils
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Essential oils




Overwhelm, stress and poor quality sleep are three of the most common
things that people are struggling with.  I like to look at the big picture of business and if we can help you have more energy and feel more empowered then let’s do it! 

I started using essential oils for me… to help with my ‘self-care’ because as a self-confessed work-a-holic and busy mum of 3, I seemed always to be rushing and putting everyone else first.  With the oils, it actually helps me to slow down, to be more present and to take some moments for myself.  Balance on the soles of my feet in the morning, citrus bliss in the diffuser…

I’ve always been the ‘green sheep’ in my family (I was an Outward Bound instructor back in the day and have a Masters in Environmental Education)

Then last year I discovered essential oils through one of my clients the fabulous Dr Martha Nessler! I didn’t event know what they were at the time let alone how they could be used to help with ‘health and healing’.  But once I discovered them I was super into them!

Now I use essential oils with my family 7-8 times a day and I’ve got a fabulous  tribe of women who have added essential oils to their life (and some who have added them to their business).  If you want to find out about oils for better wellness and less stress then we’d love to welcome you to the Go to Girl oils tribe either as a customers, a sharer or a builder – whatever suits you best.  The first step is to get you some oils!

xo Go to Girl


What are Essential oils & Why doTERRA?

What are essential oils? Essential oils are what people used to use back in the day and yay there is a bit of a shift happening as more and more people are moving back towards more natural solutions to support their health and happiness. doTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, every single batch of oil is put through a rigorous testing process, nothing leaves doTERRA unless it's perfect.

All of doTERRA oils are ethnically sourced and the plant is only picked at the very best time. How do you use essential oils in your home? Personally I use oils about 7-8 times per day! I start in the morning with a drop of frankenscienc (the King of oils) in my moisturiser then either balance or cheer oil on the soles of my feet. Then it’s into the kitchen and on goes the diffuser with something yummy like citrus bliss (invigorating blend). If someone’s got a cold coming on or feeling run down I’ll put a few drops on on guard (protective blend) behind their neck or on their feet. That’s 4 times and we haven’t even left the house yet!


The benefits of becoming part of Go to Girl Oil Tribe

Purchase at Wholesale Price (25% Discount)

A GTG Oils Tribe Facebook group to ask any question anytime.

You'll stay in the loop with emails advising product of the month, recipes & ways to use your oils.

Opportunity to receive 10-30% back in FREE product points w Loyalty Rewards program

NO Monthly Spend Required

Ability to receive product of the month FREE (conditions apply)

Mentoring support to earn compensation and bonuses when sharing oils with others

An amazing community in the Go To Girl's Oil Tribe to support you whenever you need it.

By far the best and cheapest way to buy your oils



Here are some other ways you can use essential oils:

  • Wild orange in bliss balls
  • Lemon in water for detox
  • Breathe (Easy Air) for sinuses, snotty nose, sneezing…
  • Oregano for mouth ulcers
  • Serenity to calm your kids (or yourself before bed)
  • Whisper as a perfume
  • Clary Calm for menopause or monthly discomfort
  • Digest Zen for upset tummy
  • Console when you’re feeling sad
  • Elevation (joyful blend) to uplift you

What are the 10 top oils?

The top 10 oils can help you with everything from burns, insects bites, bruises, cuts and scrapes right through to boosting your immunity (on guard) and helping you feel more focussed or bringing down a fever (peppermint).
Here is my video walking you through the top 10 we like to call the ‘Home Essentials’ kit because every home would benefit so so much with a kit like this!


Ready to order oils now?

Step 1:  To buy oils you can either book a consult with me or order yourself by visiting the Go to Girl Doterra website here (this way you’ll become part of the Go to Girl Oils Tribe).  * Be sure to enrol with the “Wholesale account” to get 25% off retail prices. You can also simply enter the Go to Girl DoTerra ID # 3092166.

Step 2: Click ‘Join & Save’

Step 3: Select where you would like your products shipped from and your choice of currency (Aussie or USD)
Step 4: Select the Wellness Advocate account option. (This is your wholesale membership which gives you a full 12 months of wholesale prices and a ton of support but will not obligate you to sell or buy).
Step 5: Complete your shipping and contact details and create a password that you’ll remember. *This way you can login and check products/prices/info in future.
Step 6: Read Terms & Conditions and tick box.
Step 7: Type in the search box for the oils you want. *be sure to add a $35 Introductory packet/ enrolment pack if you’re doing a ‘pick n mix’ order rather than getting one of the enrolment kits.  Most people choose an enrollment kit because they are priced lower than wholesale and a great way to start your collection (the enrollment fee is included in enrollment kit). Click to view the Enrollment Kits.




Step 8: Select how you want to enroll.


  • Select the item(s) you want from the drop-down menu and enter a quantity. Here is the Wholesale price list to help you out


Step 9:  If you want to buy oils gradually over time or earn points, you’ll definitely want to look at jumping on the Loyalty Rewards Program.  *If you join LRP with your first order, you’ll earn your shipping costs back in points!  (You can opt out and any time). You can view the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Prograhere. You can join anytime.


Step 10: Select continue and on the next page you will see an overview of your order and enter your payment information.


Step 11: Woo hoo! Welcome to the Go to Girl Oils Tribe! Once you enroll, click here to join Go To Girl Oils Tribe Facebook group, we’ll add you to our keep in touch email list too & send recipes & product of the month info.  You can also click here to book a free follow up oils consult so we can show you how to login to your account and get more info or order more oils. x Nat, Go to Girl