GoToGirl | Episode #98 Marketing and Branding Do’s and Don’ts with Smita Singh
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Episode #98 Marketing and Branding Do’s and Don’ts with Smita Singh


Marketing and Branding is crucial to your business so I asked Smita Singh to join me on a blab to discuss ‘Do’s & Don’ts for Marketing & Branding’.


You can click the player above or the video below to get our tips.  Last week, I did a podcast about Periscope and Blab to grow your business. And in fact I talked about the differences between the two. You can check that podcast in this link.

Today we’ll be talking about Do’s and Don’ts in Marketing and Branding with Smita Singh from Womanpreneur – Strategies for Success.


Smita’s Background

Smita Singh is a self-confessed ‘serial entrepreneur’. She has had businesses from retail to service-based businesses. She also worked in the Corporate world but happy to say that she jumped to the online world. She does a lot of marketing and branding work with companies and small businesses.



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